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The Big Story: Do you have what it takes?

The best agents may be born and not made, but what traits should increasingly selective brokers be looking for in this confusing and challenging market. MBN finds out.

Video transcript below:

Reporter: Good agents are easy to get. Great ones are hard to find. What makes a great agent? Are they born to sell? Can they really be taught the skills? Born or made, what makes a great agent on this week’s Big Story.

Math, communication, administration, agents need to have it all. Or do they? Are personality and sales more important than doing the paperwork?

Erin Hamilton, Sherwood Mortgage Group

Erin Hamilton: Halfway through my career I moved location completely moving out to find out and there no one knew who I was anymore. I literally went door to door. People don’t like that. If I get your name out quickly and whether they like you or not, at least your name’s there. I certainly didn’t go to school, primarily I have a degree in psychology, it may be that could help a little bit. I don’t really think it does, but just because my background isn’t math, doesn’t mean I can’t put up my own mortgage together, because half of it is communicating properly with the underwriter, so they understand why weaknesses of an application can actually become twisted around and smoothed out. Even having a good relationship with your underwriter can go a long way. Instead of them, if they know you personally they know you are not necessarily sending crappy deals on purpose. They might call you and say well, this doesn’t seem right. Why would you send that in? They kind of get to know you. So you know, being personable is huge, it’s just being able to convey ideas properly, it’s not all about the numbers.

Reporter: Finding the one is critical, but how do you know they are the one?

Joe Walsh, Bedrock Financial Group Inc.

Joe Walsh: Well if you are talking about what makes a good mortgage selling agent and can they also come with good administration skills, I say first of all I find it difficult to be able to you know without somebody already being in the business, being successful, I find it hard to tell whether this person is, they come from all walks of life and you are never sure and sometimes when I interview people, you know first of all I tell them that it’s not as easy as it looks. Right. It is difficult, people think they are [going recommend us], it’s so easy to do mortgage, it is not so easy.