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The Big Story: At The Mortgage Summit

More than 500 of the industry's best attended the two-day Mortgage Summit in Toronto, which was focused on giving brokers the tools, the insights and the knowledge they need in this dynamic market. That was the collective message of more than 40 speakers on two stages. Find out on today’s The Big Story, on TV, your home for industry news, opinion and analysis.

Video transcript below:

John Tenpenny, Editor, CMP
John Tenpenny:  Brokers, lenders, service providers together.  Hi, I’m John Tenpenny and welcome to the Big Story, live from the fora of the first ever CMP Mortgage Summit.
There are more than 500 of the industry’s best here at this 2 day conference, focused on giving brokers the tools, the insights and the knowledge they need in this dynamic market.  That’s the collective message from more than 40 speakers on two stages.
Tom Trenouth, Home Trust
Tom Trenouth:  Well this year Hometrust is proud to be a lead sponsor, the title sponsor out of the CMP and we feel that since we are a broker friendly company, we deal with specifically the mortgage brokers across Canada, this is a great venue for us to showcase our products and services and support the broker community in Canada.
John Tenpenny:  But brokers are also taking the opportunity to network, as laws has learned from more than 20 panels focused on everything from collateral charges to tougher federal lending guidelines.
Jacquie Carstensen, Delegate, Mortgage Architects
Jacquie Carstensen:  Definitely I think keeping a pulse on what’s going on in our workplace, in our environment, in the lending world, in the mortgage industry in particular and of course you know seeing some old friends, it’s always good, you know, we all get to collaborate in one location and we don’t often get to you know connect in person.
Harry Singh, Equitable Trust Company
Harry Singh:  This event is, it’s a huge opportunity for mortgage brokers, specially those who are starting out in the industry brand new.  It gives them an opportunity to meet with not only lenders but lawyers, real estate developers, so it gives them a comprehensive view of what the industry is all about, plus they get to learn sort of the latest trends, latest issues that are impacting mortgage brokers, experienced ones or brand new ones.  So it’s a tremendous educational opportunity for seasoned brokers as well as brand new brokers.
John Tenpenny:  But the event is also about honouring broker channel contribution with the Canadian Mortgage Awards.
Karen Gibbard, Mortgage Broker of the Year
Karen Gibbard:  It feels incredible to have won.  I feel like I am with some of the top people in the industry and I am just incredibly honoured.
Gary Mauris, Dominion Lending Centres, Broker Network of the Year
Gary Mauris:  Incredibly proud of the industry, because I am seeing the industry finally catch up as well and start to do a better job communicating directly which we are messaging to the consumers.  So I think it’s a very bright future for us.  I think we got to be careful, I think we have got to make sure we are committed to be in focus and delivering that expert unbiased advice, but I think we are definitely moving in the right direction.
Ron Swift, Lifetime Achievement
Ron Swift:  I am as excited about the industry as I’ve ever been.  I think there is going to be lots of changes coming our way.  You know we are seeing it already and I just love the challenge of trying to figure out how to shape it, how to get advance of it and maybe there’s a way that we can make this whole industry that much better again.  So I am excited, there’s lots left to do.
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