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Kim Luxton: Planning for the future

With slowing business, now is a great opportunity for brokers to focus on the bigger picture, says Kim Luxton, Director, Broker Sales for ING Direct. She says it's time for brokers to focus on client needs, not just today, but for the future and to help them achieve their long-term financial goals, which could result in better residuals and more referrals for the broker.

Video transcript below:

Now is the time for brokers to focus on the bigger picture

Kim Luxton, Director, Broker Sales, ING Direct
Kim Luxton:
 I think there’s great opportunity in this market nowadays for brokers to focus on the larger picture.  There is no doubt in the last number of years, the mortgage industry has been so busy and brokers have been overwhelmed with deals which is a good problem to have.  Not so much the case these days, business has slowed down a little bit, however there’s still lots of great volume out there.  I think it, this particular market gives brokers time now to focus on the larger picture and to focus on the clients’ needs not just for today, but to delve into what their future goals are, so that the broker can then align themselves with that particular client and position themselves as someone who is going to work with that client to help them achieve their financial goals over the longer term.  In focusing on this type of a follow up with their clients and getting more engaged in where their clients overall financial goals are, this will in turn result in residual business, better referrals and a longer term client that is extremely happy with the services that have been provided from that broker.