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How to be a disruptive force

Industry trainer and broker Greg Williamson (Mortgage Professionals Academy) wants brokers to be a distruptive force for change, turning the tables on the banks and the rate wars.He`ll lay out his strategy at the upcoming Mortgage Summit (May 9 - 10) in Toronto during a luncheon workshop open to all registered attendees. Visit

Video transcript below:

Greg Williamson, President, Mortgage Professionals Academy

How do you recommend mortgage professionals navigate the modern market?

Greg Williamson: Look there is no secret. Markets across Canada are slowing. Realtors are less loyal. Rate sights are up, competitive pressure on pricing is up, refinances are drying up. I can either choose to served the disruption that’s happening in my market or I can be the disruption. My entire career I have depended on being disruptive and change markets. At my CMP Mortgage Summit session, I will show you one of my biggest disruptions todate, that I think solves the biggest challenge today in the minds of realtors.

How do I know? The members of my mortgage professionals academy are going out and confidently having meetings with realtors where they are no longer in the servant position with realtors and leading realtors by empowering and exciting them to believe what they believe. And what we believe today is that if I am going to succeed in this market, I need to get to the lead first, I need to lead my referral sources and I am going to show you how we do that step by step, I am going to break it down.

What can we expect from your session at The Mortgage Summit?

Greg Williamson: People who see my session at the summit will leave with actionable strategies, not rehashed or do it the old way and do it, get back to basics way, I guarantee you, this will be things you have never seen before.