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Getting SYNCED at The Summit

One of the benefits for brokers of attending conferences is the opportunity to meet with others in the industry. With this in mind, Chris Davis, events and conference manager for KMI Publishing, talks about SYNCED a new meeting software being used at The Mortgage Summit to help brokers get the most out their time at Canada’s only independent business event for the Canadian mortgage brokering industry.

Video transcript below:

The Mortgage Summit manager, Chris Davis discusses the event’s unique online meting application Synced.
Chris Davis, Events and Conference Manager, KMI Publishing
Chris Davis:  As the host of the Mortgage Summit, we understand the benefits of face to face networking at these live events.  It can be very challenging trying to find people in a large room, so what we’ve done is create a networking tool called Synced.  Basically it’s an online solution where you can see all of the attendees at the event and you can send them a message through this online portal or you can create a meeting with them.
What we’ve done is set up a room, where we set out 8 tables and you can arrange a specific table and a time to meet with that person.  The system sends them a message and they accept or decline this meeting, very similar to the way that facebook does or Linkedin.  The benefits of one to one meetings is you expand your network and engage in communication with the online brokers in our industry.
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