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B-side opportunity

The increasing amount of B business available is one way for brokers to improve their bottom line, says Home Trust executive and Mortgage Summit panelist Agostino Tuzi.

Video transcript below:

Mortgage Summit speaker, Agostino Tuzi says opportunities await brokers on the B side.

Agostino Tuzi, VP, Mortgage Lending Home Trust Company
Agostino Tuzi:  Some of the things that B brokers need to know about B business is that there is a, for some brokers there is a huge opportunity lost when not dealing in the B space.  Whether that broker deals specifically with A clients or does the odd B deal, there is a huge opportunity for them to increase or bolster their revenue.  You know, just a couple of examples of how they could get into that is, you know how are they currently cultivating their A business, be it through realtor or however and when we talk about B business, whether they fall just short of the A banks for documentation or [TDS EDS] requirements, there is a whole world of B deals that could be done that you know in the B space that cannot be done in the A space, that would really help a broker increase their bottomline.