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  • US builder decides against Toronto condo market

    A builder of luxury condos from the US considered and dismissed expanding into Toronto due to the high level of investment property in the city.

  • Real estate investors lament lack of decent Realtors

    An investor is arguing that despite the increasing number of Realtors in the market, there are not enough good ones to help investors grow their portfolio.

  • Students seek housing solutions

    They’re about to head back to school and for many first year university students the accommodation choice is easy; the dorms.

  • What's an investor client to do?

    Mortgages for investment properties are increasingly difficult to find, according to one industry player, who says his clients are forced to face a new reality.

  • Realtor refutes TD’s over-valued market report

    A respected Toronto-based Realtor says the Canadian housing market is not overvalued, despite a report from TD Bank that claimed prices are 10 per cent higher than they should be. But will brokers agree?

  • MBN Hot list 2014: Alyssa Richard

    Alyssa Richard's profile for Mortgage Broker News Hot list 2014

  • Buyers scrambling to re-qualify as pre-builds close

    Buyers with long-term rate holds on pre-build condos are increasingly scrambling at closing to re-qualify, due to tighter lending rules.

  • Buying in America: Still some opportunities

    There are still opportunities for brokers to help clients land lucrative real estate deals south of the border, according to one leading broker, despite the American economy recovering from the recession and the housing industry slowly normalizing.

  • Dispelling the CU myths

    Increasingly competitive fixed rates at credit unions have brokers debating what if any limitations come hand in hand, especially around the question of whether those mortgages are effectively closed.

  • CRA clampdown highlights broker value-add

    The recent Canada Revenue Agency interest in people claiming their condos as homes instead of investment properties is long overdue, says one mortgage broker, also suggesting the crackdown illustrates the role brokers can play.