Mark Carney news

  • BOC chief moves to Bank of England

    Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, credited for steering the country’s monetary policy through the recession, is leaving his post to head the Bank of England.

  • BoC eases broker concerns

    Brokers may be more scared by new consumer debt numbers than the Bank of Canada, with Mark Carney suggesting the slowing real estate market cancels any immediate need for a rate hike.

  • Rate hike on top of rule changes?

    The move to again switch up mortgage rules has helped the central bank out of a tough spot, say analysts, although Mark Carney isn't ruling out a rate hike if necessary.

  • Broker: there's an upside to employment downside

    If there’s going to be a silver lining in slower-than-expected job growth, says one leading Toronto broker, it’ll be slower-than-expected rate hikes at the Bank of Canada.

  • Brokers: Rate drops ignite client preference for fixed

    Brokers are finally seeing a change in consumer appetite for risk after the second chop to fixed rates in two weeks.

  • Brokers react to election call

    An “election reprieve” from interest rate hikes may not translate into the busy spring season brokers were hoping for, with industry leaders identifying a possible downside to the federal campaign.

  • Brokers differ on whether to advise fixed or variable rates for clients

    Brokers looking for definitive advice on steering clients toward fixed, variable or combination mortgages are out of luck, with industry opinion divided ahead of expected rate hikes.

  • 2011: The Road Ahead

    Consumer awareness and confidence in brokers, broker-lender relationships and the threat from government of more mortgage rules are some of the issues John Tenpenny heard about when talking with prominent industry members

  • DLC president bends the ear of Finance Minister

    Dominion Lending Centres president Gary Mauris was one of the participants Wednesday at a pre-budget consultation held in Regina by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. The following is a summary of the day, submitted by Mauris.

  • Britons turn to credit cards to make mortgage payments

    In what could be a warning of things to come for Canadians who may struggle their mortgage payments if interest rates rise, it has been reported that more than 2 million people in Britain have used credit cards to pay their mortgage or rent, an increase of almost 50 per cent in a year, according to the housing and homelessness charity Shelter.