Chris Bisson news

  • Many brokers plan on hiring freeze

    Many brokers across Canada have decided not to hire new staff for the next 12 months but for some hiring an extra hand may provide the edge needed to grow the business in a particular market.

  • Prepayment information is power for brokers

    Brokers waiting around for lenders to meet new prepayment penalty requirements introduced last month, may want to consider an effective but little know alternative route to that same information, says one seasoned broker.

  • Broker: massive broker cull to cut buy-downs

    With the Ontario regulator now releasing its final tally on relicensing casualties, a leading broker is arguing the high losses will help cut the pressure to buy down rate.

  • Going exclusive

    Mortgage professionals say they’ve had enough of clients going to the bank, with broker commitment letters in hand. As Vernon Clement Jones finds out, a growing number are thinking exclusivity agreements will stop them in their tracks

  • Broker frustration sparks debate on client exclusivity agreements

    Exclusivity agreements: It’s a controversial idea, but one whose time may have come, with IMBA President Albert Collu kicking off an industry dialogue on contracts that would penalize clients for using brokers to get better rates at the banks.