Chad Robinson news

  • Brokers react to investigation about mortgage fraud

    Mortgage fraud is being overblown, according to industry professionals in reaction to a Globe and Mail investigation into the growing trend of “fraud for shelter” cases

  • Commercial experts give advice

    REMIC is offering a course on commercial mortgage brokering and spoke with two of this year’s top-ten commercial brokers to get their advice for brokers interested in adding this increasingly lucrative business to their practice.

  • First round of Canadian Mortgage Awards finalists unveiled

    Starting today will begin unveiling finalists for the Canadian Mortgage Awards – set to draw hundreds of industry professionals to Toronto's Liberty Grand May 9.

  • Allow more lenders access to shadow banking, urges broker

    Any move to help develop the shadow banking sector by the Bank of Canada would be welcome news for the industry, says one mortgage broker.

  • Top 75 brokers share their recipe for success

    Implementing the best business strategies may seem obvious, but many brokers fail to take advantage of what works while discarding what doesn’t.

  • Google goes to the Mortgage Summit

    A marketing exec from the king of search engines – Google – will deliver the keynote for the upcoming Mortgage Summit, guiding brokers on how to use SEO to tap into a king’s ransom of online borrowers.

  • ING Direct moving to cease broker originations

    For some brokers, it reads like a "Dear John" letter, but on Wednesday, ING Direct announced it will cease accepting new applications from brokers on Feb. 16, at the same time recommending its new parent company Scotia to mortgage professionals.

  • Brokers face tight-er deadlines

    Forget July 9. Brokers may have considerably fewer days to get their applications in ahead of the government's start date for new mortgage rules.

  • Banks push cashbacks

    Brokers are feeling one last push by the banks to sell cashback mortgages before OSFI kicks it off their product lists.

  • Brokerage radio ad raises eyebrows in Ottawa

    A radio ad for a leading Ottawa brokerage is stirring leads but also controversy with its subtle jab at the competition – other brokerages included.