Verico news

  • Top 50 brokers turn teachers at the Mortgage Summit

    Niche brokering. It’s a lesson many mortgage professionals are anxious to learn and now there are five of the CMP Top 50 willing to teach it at this month’s Mortgage Summit.

  • Broker maps out new lead gen strategy

    A successful young broker has gone miles further in generating mortgage leads than the competition – becoming arguably the first to set up a call centre in India specifically focused on contacting 15,000 Canadians a day.

  • Broker: banks winning the rental wars

    Some mono-lines may in fact be chasing rental business to the banks by attaching premiums to both the borrower’s interest rate and insurance costs, argues one broker focused on that end of the market.

  • Best of both worlds

    For Allan Kates and Northwood Mortgage, a strong team is the key to being successful and that includes brokers as well as external partners

  • Did 4-year mortgages lead brokers astray?

    A Toronto broker is questioning if the industry’s wholesale shift to the four-year term last month – a defense against that extraordinary BMO offer –best served their clients.

  • BFS deals alive and well for creative brokers

    Reports of the death of BFS may have been greatly exaggerated, with brokers increasingly turning to second mortgages to service those clients left stranded by retreating A players.

  • Broker-owner to broker-owners: Don't hold trailer fees hostage

    It’s wrongheaded and it has to stop, cautions one brokerage owner, calling on principal brokers across the country to abandon the practice of holding onto the trailer fees of departing agents.

  • BMO extends 2.99 offer

    The rate wars are over. Oops. Better hold that thought.

  • Budget threatens a buoyant broker market

    The government’s plans to axe 19,200 public-sector jobs over the next three years could send a chill through the hot Ottawa housing market, say brokers, if the dampening effects of past cutbacks are anything to go by.

  • Murphy: Ontario could lose 1,830 brokers at re-licensing

    Forget eight per cent. CAAMP President Jim Murphy is suggesting Ontario could lose as much as 15 per cent of its brokers and agents with new re-licensing requirements, effectively erasing gains made since the last major cull.