Verico news

  • Brokers split on CMHC proposal

    Broker opinion is split -- following news that CMHC is considering banks to pay a deductible before mortgage claims are paid out – with some believing the move will lead to more careful underwriting and others thinking it could result in higher fees for clients.

  • Brokers disagree fee-based compensation will lead to better underwriting

    Canadian brokers don’t buy the premise that a move from an up-front commission-based structure to a fee-based model will result in better loan quality.

  • Broker alleges false Google ad violates FSCO rules

    One leading broker is accusing a competitor of using his name to attain leads through Google’s ad services.

  • Experts split on rate outlook

    Will there be a rate fluctuation in the next 30-45 days? It depends who you ask.

  • Broker: Lender's products are what matters

    One leading broker has echoed the same sentiments of some of Canada’s largest broker networks: it is a lender’s products – and not it’s affiliation with one particular network – that will determine broker opinion.

  • Lender grows share and earns support across channel

    A leading lender is enjoying significant growth and support from the broker networks across Canada following its investment in one of those networks.

  • Lucky buyer wins by using broker

    One leading network’s “Purchase Plus Improvement” mortgage product gives clients access to up to $40,000 for home renovations. And as part of the product, one lucky couple took home $5,000 to help renovate their home.

  • Brokers criticize mortgage life insurance

    Several broker joined the fracas to discuss their own issues with bank-offered mortgage life insurance, with many criticizing the high mark-ups and low payouts.

  • Brokers discuss refi strategies

    Talk turned to refinance strategies during Canadian Mortgage Hangout’s (#cmhTV) second anniversary Thursday and tactics for winning that very valuable segment of business.

  • Network not for sale

    One broker network executive has dispelled the notion that his company is looking to sell “to the highest bidder” following a deal that saw an influential channel player make an equity investment.