Scotia news

  • Status seekers

    With more lenders creating benefit programs and preferred lists that target individual brokers, CMP looks at what's on offer and what these perks signal for both consumers and the industry

  • Hands-off appraisers

    The US may be moving to an appraisal regulation system that completely removes the lender and the broker from any position of decision-making. Should this made-in-America proposal cross the border into Canada?

  • The ownership model

    As Mortgage Architects celebrates its second anniversary, the leadership team talks about what the future holds for its brokers

  • Welcome to Canada

    As Canada prepares for an influx of immigrants in the coming years, the mortgage industry is responding. CMP explores what mortgage brokers can do to make the transition easier

  • Transforming declines into clients

    Eugene Migus and Eric Putnam explore options for financially-stretched clients