Scotia news

  • TD matches RBC’s five-year fixed

    It’s a rate war in reverse, with TD following RBC’s decision to set a five-year fixed well above the broker’s best.

  • Fitch: tough times for mortgage lending

    Here’s one occasion when bad news for banks is likely just as bad for brokers. Despite a solid performance by the Big Six in the first half of 2012, an international credit rating agency suggests the entire mortgage market is in for a rough ride through to the end of the year.

  • RBC gives brokers a two-week lead

    Brokers won't have more than two week to take advantage of RBC’s move to bump up its discounted five-year-fixed by 20 bps, caution some industry players.

  • ING’s broker links could hamper sale

    As attractive as ING Direct Canada may be to prospective buyers, its use of brokers will likely deter the biggest of those suitors, according to one analyst.

  • CMHC sees moderate slowdown for 2013

    On the heels of a bank report predicting a significant slump, the CMHC now foresees only a “moderate slowdown” in the housing market for the rest of this year and next.

  • All bets are on - Brokers anticipate survey results

    A dwindling number of lenders and the need for more competitive rates will emerge as the two greatest concerns for brokers, argue mortgage professionals anticipating the results of the industry's most influential survey.

  • Housing starts come to a halt

    A slowdown in Canada's real estate market may be closer than many brokers think, with housing starts falling more than expected for July and as a result of declining condo construction.

  • Decade long slowdown for brokers: report

    A new bank report is suggesting mortgage brokers may be in for an extended slowdown in the real estate market.

  • Brokers fret about possible ING sale

    Mortgage brokers are worried that one of Canada’s big five banks might snap up ING Direct – its parent company now announcing the review of “strategic options” to sell the broker channel lender.

  • FirstLine raises First National originations

    First National saw originations skyrocket in the second quarter, rising 48 per cent from the year-ago period – something it chalks up to FirstLine`s departure.