Mortgage Architects news

  • Industry Veteran: Broker ranks will thin

    A slowing, yet increasingly competitive Canadian market will not only cull the number of new entrants to the broker industry but thin the existing ranks by as much as 5 per cent, a veteran mortgage professional told

  • Canadian First brings financial advisory services within reach

    Canadian First Financial Centres will now extend its financial and insurance advisory services to retail brokers outside of the dedicated in-house model it launched in 2009.

  • Pacific Mortgage Group bids to buy Invis

    Pacific Mortgage Group -- parent of Mortgage Architects Inc. and myNext Mortgage -- has now taken its bid for Invis directly to the company’s shareholders, a move likely meant to circumvent board opposition. And Invis responds.

  • Security Breach: What brokers are doing to guard their clients' privacy

    In the wake of client privacy breaches of mortgage brokers a few years ago, the industry has improved security measures. John Tenpenny found out what some brokerages and brokers are doing to ensure the personal information of mortgage broker clients isn’t compromised

  • Trailer fee model earns respect from broker community

    There are only two Canadian lenders offering the trailer fee option to brokers, but the trend appears to be gaining. CMP gets feedback on this compensation and looks at more lenders possibly jumping on board

  • Relationship Makers: A review of the industry's CRMs

    All brokers need to organize their client contacts to keep in touch. And every brokerage tries to provide its agents with the best. Heather Li explores the industry’s CRM programs

  • Facebook: Your New Calling Card

    Online social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have exploded over the past year. Heather Li shows how brokers use these tools to market to a bigger, broader audience

  • The results of CMP's 2nd annual Broker Sentiment Poll

    During December and January, CMP conducted our second cross-Canada broker sentiment poll to gauge what's on brokers' minds. Erin Letson uncovers the results, which may surprise you - take a look

  • CEO acquires Mortgage Architects

    Pacific NA, a financial services company founded and run by CEO Alex Haditaghi, has acquired Mortgage Architects and its lending arm, myNext Mortgage Company.

  • Banks start interest rate shake-up

    Four banks have increased their posted rates on fixed mortgages, signaling the start of an upward move on record-low interest rates.