IMBA news

  • Brokers jockey to increase web presence

    It`s 11 o'clock. Do you know where your website is?

  • Regulator pats brokers on the back, but ...

    Brokers have made real strides in growing their reputation, said the head of the industry's largest regulator, warning future hiring decisions will either add to or detract from that work.

  • Association prez goes another round

    It may be a reflection of just how fluid times are for brokers, with the country’s largest provincial association extending the term of a sitting president by another 12 months.

  • 1 OSFI proposal likely DOA: insurer

    The OSFI proposal limiting access to mortgages as Canadians march toward retirement is least likely to pass into “law,” the head of Genworth’s risk operations reassured brokers.

  • Broker maps out new lead gen strategy

    A successful young broker has gone miles further in generating mortgage leads than the competition – becoming arguably the first to set up a call centre in India specifically focused on contacting 15,000 Canadians a day.

  • All about the rate

    I was just reading the latest issue of BrokerBiz m...

  • Lenders turn to conferences during rate wars

    Channel lenders are moving to capitalize on growing interest in professional development, finding new ways to partner with independent conferences that sweeten the pot for attendees and extend their reach to brokers.

  • 45% of brokers procrastinate on re-licensing

    It has come down to the wire for nearly half of Ontario’s 12,000 mortgage professionals – who, with only a month left on the clock, had yet to complete that do-or-die re-licensing course.

  • AMBA & IMBA partnership aims to better market brokers

    AMBA and IMBA have come together in a partnership to strengthen support and educational opportunities for their members – but also with the potential to better market mortgage brokers.

  • Brokers: Lenders, cut us some slack

    A seasoned broker is encouraging channel lenders to relax their minimum volume requirements in the short-term, a way of helping an industry struggling to maintain originations even as the Canadian market cools.