Dominion Lending Centres news

  • The Big Story: The spring market

    Spring is upon us. The spring housing market that is, as the winter weather really never arrived in most parts of the country this year. Typically, it’s the busiest time for home purchases and renewals. Brokers who haven’t been preparing by marketing themselves and reaching out to clients and referral partners are likely to get left behind. It’s when things are slow that brokers say you should be reconnecting with referral sources such as Realtors and your client database who are likely to know someone who is looking to purchase or refinance. This week we spoke to Sarah Makhomet, Kunaal Bhalla, Jonathan Tillger, Ron Alltree and Deepak Bansal of Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village. Find out on today’s The Big Story, on TV, your home for industry news, opinion and analysis.

  • Brokers to Mono-lines: Time to REALLY take on BMO!

    It’s enough to give even the hardiest brokers indigestion, but BMO’s re-introduction of that 2.99 per cent on a five-year fixed is a direct call to mono-lines to match that offer – not just on rate, say brokers, but on term.

  • Beating the banks

    As part of its annual year-end survey, Dominion Lending Centres polled its network in December to find out what brokers from across the country feel are their greatest challenges for 2012. Find out what they plan to do to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities

  • TDFS departure spells big loss for brokers

    High-ratio borrowing opportunities for B and so-called “C” clients have essentially disappeared with news Toronto Dominion will fold its non-prime lending arm, a broker “shocked” by the decision said Tuesday.

  • Brokers help tweak ING HELOC

    ING has now made its HELOC available to all broker-partners, after what it terms a successful pilot resulting in tweaks to the product.

  • Agent: HELOC growth highlights broker obligations

    New numbers charting the astronomical growth in HELOC use – along with an equally unprecedented growth in household debt – are highlighting the need for brokers to educate clients even as those mortgage brokers gain greater access to the products, says one agent.

  • Part-timer defends the controversial practice

    A seasoned broker – now a part-timer – is defending that choice, challenging mortgage professionals who argue the industry has no place for him and a growing number of others.

  • Brokers wary of TD consolidation

    TD has moved to consolidate BDM services for its prime and alternative lending divisions – something brokers are worried could cost them future business.

  • Who gets the bill for broker ad campaign?

    Merix head Boris Bozic has joined the growing number of mortgage professionals endorsing the idea of a national advertising campaign, specifically focused on hawking broker wares to the largely uninformed consumer. That’s even as others look to mono-lines themselves to foot the bill.

  • Fraud prevention back on broker agenda

    A fraud-prevention expert – also a mortgage agent – is asking his peers to double check their file protection measures against a list of six essentials. It’s a way of guarding themselves, their clients and their industry against the kind of recent broker lapse grabbing headlines in Alberta.