Dominion Lending Centres news

  • DLC adds new TV spot

    Dominion Lending Centres’ new TV spot features young girls talking about what their homes mean to them – a campaign acknowledging the power of women in home financing decisions.

  • Should brokers thank CMHC?

    Thanks, CMHC! The latest move by the Crown corporation has pushed a wave of fence-sitters into making purchases today fearing increased rates tomorrow, say brokers.

  • Brokers sweeten their benefits packages

    In the hopes of holding onto their best employees, brokers are embracing more creative benefits packages. Those strategies are so creative, in some cases, they may just prompt an influx of job applications.

  • Which broker lender will feel the CMHC pinch?

    Brokers are already positing their own theories on which lenders will be hardest hit by CMHC’s move to cap access to government guarantees for securitized mortgages.

  • Brokers ready for active August

    Brokers expect August home sales to steal the fall market’s thunder as buyers look to move before a rise in interest rates – a trend July’s booming numbers highlight.

  • Glut of luxury condos in Toronto market

    The $1-million cut-off on Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation insurance may have hit the luxury condo market, with a glut of inventory in Toronto suggesting it will take 20 months to clear given current demand.

  • Bigger broker networks can compete with the big banks

    One broker is hoping that the larger networks forming in the channel will speak loudly and carry a bigger stick – especially to level the playing field against the five big banks.

  • Selling mortgages to a culture that doesn’t understand the term

    How do you sell a mortgage to a community of people who distrust banks and are unfamiliar with the concept of a mortgage? One Alberta broker has the answer.

  • Fighting rate by paying it forward

    One Winnipeg mortgage broker is fighting the rate wars not by cutting into commissions, but by ‘paying it forward’ in $5 and $10 increments.

  • Tough year doesn’t diminish CMP Top 75 broker list

    One Top 75 broker worked “harder and smarter” during what was a tough year in the channel – and did so without resorting to rate sites.