CAAMP news

  • Report: brokers beef up renewals

    CAAMP’s new spring report is the second this month to suggest brokers are growing their share of renewals against an onslaught of bank competition, with mortgage professionals handling 22 per cent of those transactions last year.

  • OSFI addresses broker's criticism

    Broker criticism of OSFI’s proposed guidelines may carry little weight with the regulator, its policy head answering and, perhaps, dismissing concerns those changes go too far.

  • 1 OSFI proposal likely DOA: insurer

    The OSFI proposal limiting access to mortgages as Canadians march toward retirement is least likely to pass into “law,” the head of Genworth’s risk operations reassured brokers.

  • Brokers ain't lying down for OSFI

    The federal regulator threatening to overhaul the guidelines lenders and brokers work under is now in receipt of the channel’s most exhaustive response to those proposals -- in short, a list of what ain’t broke and don’t need to be fixed, say brokers.

  • Flaherty budget answers mortgage broker pleas

    PHEW! Brokers are breathing a sigh of relief after the Finance Minister rejected calls to tinker with mortgage insurance rules, offering a budget that leaves the maximum amortization cap at 30 years and the minimum down payment at 5 per cent.

  • No rule changes on budget blotter: Association head

    It’s likely what all brokers want to hear, and something they may have helped to bring about, with CAAMP President Jim Murphy suggesting the government has heard the industry’s concerns and will leave mortgage rules alone Thursday.

  • Brokers taking up association's call to arms

    CAAMP’s campaign encouraging brokers to speak out against possible mortgage rule changes is beginning to bear fruit, as an Ontario brokerage has added its voice to the growing lobbying effort.

  • Broker alleges espionage on the web

    Brokers beware: competitors could be using your name to boost their search engine rankings. That is in fact what one leading broker is alleging.

  • Broker campaign to steal BMO's thunder

    Take that, BMO! A broker is borrowing from the playbook of Canada’s most effective retailers, launched an offer meant to counter the now-infamous 2.99 rate.

  • Brokers need to know their clients, says insurer

    Mortgage brokers can help fight fraud by checking their client’s backgrounds, says a title insurance provider, which investigates $120,000 of suspected mortgage and title fraud every day.