• Mapping the industry’s future

    This 30 year veteran had “no clue what a broker was” when he first started, but he’s bullish on its future

  • Broker launches and expands

    Western Canada just got a new, large mortgage brokerage that features some big industry names

  • Good business people

    A great experience as a client drew Calum Ross, one of the country’s most successful brokers, to the mortgage industry

  • Profile: Peter Reed of the Sherwood Mortgage Group

    MBN interview of Peter Reed offers a snapshot of Saskatchewan’s commercial mortgage sector

  • From Banker to Broker

    Joe Rosati was recently appointed the head of the industry’s newest broker network – and since that time, his company has already made some big moves

  • Customer service still wins clients

    For DLC’s Tracy Valko, the secret to success is “not rocket science” – it’s old-fashioned hard work and customer service

  • Looking at it from all sides

    Chris Whyte, the newly appointed COO of Home Trust, has worked in almost every facet of the mortgage industry – and he’s got some thoughts on the trends that will shape it in the coming years

  • A stroke of good luck

    Happenstance got Mark Kerzner into the mortgage industry, but his love for it has kept him here – and he believes the industry’s best days are yet to come

  • Finding success through collaboration

    Sabeena Bubber, one of the founders of Verico Xeva Mortgage, chats with CMP about the secrets of the firm’s success: expert training and unflagging mutual support

  • The race to go digital

    According to Paradigm Quest’s Sharon Fitzpatrick, the mortgage industry is on the cusp of a huge shift to a digital experience – and it’s up to both brokers and lenders to get it there