“Windsor Hum” raises concerns about long-term effects on homes

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The “Windsor Hum”, a mysterious background rumble that has been thrumming through the ears of Windsor residents for around 6 years now, has raised concerns among the populace of the noise’s possible long-term effects on the city’s homes.
The origins of the 35Hz vibrating hum—which various observers have compared to a “subwoofer blasting Barry White’s greatest hits or an idling diesel truck”—remain unknown to this day, and have served as ample fodder for conspiracy theories ranging from UFOs to secret military tunneling projects, as reported by Ashifa Kassam for The Guardian.
What is known, though, is that the sound has been troubling people in the area with its potential impact on structures—especially over the past few months, when the noise has built up to unparalleled and near-unbearable levels.
“If you think of thunder, and you take that thunder and constantly repeat it for hours and days, weeks, that’s all it is,” retired insurance salesman Mike Provost said. “You can’t get away from it. You go outside to work in your garden, you go outside to enjoy the sun, the noise is there.”
As early as 2012, thousands of locals have already voiced the Hum’s effect on the structural integrity of homes, although the phenomenon’s impact on the city’s home prices still remains to be seen.
“We’re trapped in the middle,” resident Gary Grosse said. “The whole mystery behind the noise kind of captivates you. What’s this thing from? You start hearing it all the time, even when it’s at low volume, you actually start hearing it.”
Although a study commissioned by the Canadian government suggested the noise’s source to be the U.S. industrial area in Zug Island, no definitive findings have been released as the researchers weren’t able to access the island due to diplomatic restrictions.
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