Web sites hold the key to marketing success: broker

Web sites hold the key to marketing success: broker

Web sites hold the key to marketing success: broker

According to a leading broker trainer, too many brokers are wasting a great marketing tool: their web site.

“Most brokers view their website as an informational site and some don’t think it’s really that important,” says Greg Williamson, a 20-year broker and founder of 180 Degrees Solutions, who will be presenting a learning workshop at The Mortgage Summit entitled “New World Marketing Strategies for Brokers.

“I think people should consider re-thinking their website,” he says. “Web sites should be the hub of everything with respect to your sales and marketing. What brokers should do is change their web site from an informational site into a sales site – where every page on your website is selling and marketing and promoting your services.”

Williamson says what has happened over the past few years is that consumers have changed the way they want to shop or go through a sales process. “And mortgage brokers, not unlike many businesses are not adapting to this,” he says.

According to Williamson there are some things brokers can put into the process that make their conversion of the customer much more certain, particularly in the face of price competition.

At the workshop, Williamson says he will lay out step-by-step how to implement a marketing process to compel past customers in your database to renew early into a 10-year mortgage and using your website as the main tool.

“One member of the Mortgage Professionals Academy who used this process did $185,000 in commissions in a two-month period,” he says.

In addition everyone who attends Williamson’s workshop will receive an e-book he wrote entitled “My website is the hub of everything.”

As a final added bonus all attendees of the Mortgage Summit will receive a special bundle of Williamson’s most popular training videos, e-books, and executable strategies for free.

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