Verico adds six new firms as originations rise in Q4

Verico adds six new firms as originations rise in Q4

Verico adds six new firms as originations rise in Q4

Vancouver - VERICO formally welcomed six new companies into its fold.

“We are delighted to welcome out new members to the VERICO Network,” said Colin Dreyer, the company’s president. “The entire VERICO team is looking forward to creating new relationships and supporting our members' businesses for the next level of success.”

The new members to the network are:

  • VERICO Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solutions
  • VERICO All Mortgage Financial Inc.
  • VERICO Global Mortgage
  • VERICO Hastings Mortgage Centre
  • VERICO Mortgage Insights Group
  • VERICO The Pro Lending

Even as rumours circulated early this year that the firm had been sold, VERICO has been busy extending its roots taking on several new offices and reporting a year-over-year volume increase of $1 billion in February of 2012. With more than 190 locations and over 2,100 agents across Canada, VERICO claims to originate more than $12 billion in annualized mortgage loan volume.

On Monday, the new members cited VERICO’s reputation as well as the support and tools it provided its members as the mian reasons they decided to join the network.

“VERICO has provided us with the opportunity to talk about cutting edge technology with our new agents,” said Anthony Quintieri a member of the VERICO Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solution management team. “The tools that are now available to us are very attractive to both new and experienced agents.”

With over 50 agents, VERICO Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solution originates over $200 million in annual loan volume every year.

“We felt VERICO had very similar values, vision and business fundamentals with our business,” said Shelly Johnson who together with Hover Chao heads the VERICO GMC Global Mortgage in Surrey, B.C. “In today's market it is imperative to keep up with the ever-changing market; and VERICO is able to better equip our agents with the tools for success.”