Vancouver brokering is what?

Vancouver brokering is what?

B.C. brokers are as bullish on the future of the business as they are the beauty of their province.

“I like the flexibility of the job and that flexibility allows me to enjoy the things that make B.C. so great like golf,” said Scott Dawson, with Paragon Pacific Mortgages Inc. “I have to say I love B.C., but I’d love doing my job anywhere in Canada.”

That last bit notwithstanding, mortgage professionals on the West Coast, and across the province, generally agree there are so many reasons why that market is an especially good fit for brokering.

CMP is now compiling a list of each and every one of those reasons for an upcoming feature highlighting the challenges and, most certainly, the rewards of plying the trade in Vancouver, Victoria, but also Prince George and other parts of British Columbia.

Drop CMP Editor John Tenpenny an email by March 20, including one or as many of those reasons as you’d like.