Top 10 Commercial Brokers comes to CMP

Top 10 Commercial Brokers comes to CMP

Canada’s most successful residential brokers will step into the floodlights of the CMP Top 75 this August, but their counterparts in the commercial sphere will now shine under their own spotlight in September.

CMP is introducing its first-ever ranking of the country’s leading commercial mortgage broker by funded volume. It’s a way of acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of those niche mortgage professionals as the challenge of getting their complex deals funded grows.

The Top 10 Commercial Mortgage Brokers ranking will appear in the September issue of the magazine, along with features and discussion on a segment of the business few residential specialists have worked.

Submissions for the Top 10 are now being accepted, with a call for all commercial brokers to fill out the online questionnaire – a quick and easy process. Details include funded volume for commercial mortgages in 2011 and contact information for key lender partners.

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