Title companies continue to fight for business

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The battle for business continues to heat up amongst title companies as First Canadian Title recently announced the expansion of its Platinum Service to more lenders.

According to the company (FCT), the program was designed with brokers’ needs in mind. “Platinum Service provides a superior level of service to lenders, mortgage brokers and their clients. Fast, seamless, and convenient, it meets the contradictory challenges of saving time and money, and at the same times improves the customer service experience through constant communications,” said a statement from FCT released at the CAAMP Mortgage Forum.

“More lenders are adding FCT’s Platinum Service to their refinance programs as they have recognized the value and convenience it provides to all parties involved in a mortgage transaction,” said Daniela DeTommaso, VP, lenders advantage division, FCT. “We encourage mortgage professionals to learn about FCT’s Platinum Service which is fast becoming the industry standard.”

“With Platinum Service, my client and I were both kept informed on the progress of the deal. I never had to follow up with FCT nor did I receive any calls from my client worried about the status of their transaction. The Platinum Service kept us apprised on the progress of the deal,” said Kiran Kaushal, a mortgage broker with Interfinance Mortgage Corporation.

According to the company, Platinum Service offers the following:

  • FCT manages all title issues directly with the borrower to alleviate delays.
  • Our closing expertise and commitment to service excellence ensures faster processing, allowing your borrower quicker access to funds.
  • FCT Signature Services Representatives can organize document signing to take place in your client’s home, at a time convenient for them, seven days a week.
  • Verify the status of your borrowers’ transactions at any time through the broker hotline available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday.
  • You will receive a series of email notifications to keep you apprised of all key milestones throughout the entire transaction.
  • Fixed pricing from the lender allows you to offer an even more competitive price for borrowers. No hidden fees mean additional cost savings and no surprises later on.
  • Queen of amp on 2011-11-25 6:33:14 AM

    Hey Joe are you aware CAAMP is made of up primarily brokers who sit on the board and make decisions? They give up countless hours of their very busy and very successful lives to drive improvement. If you don't like it the thankless work they do, stop being an armchair quarterback and get involved. Get on the CAAMP board or any committee and invoke your opinion in a positive way...versus this bs blog. You might learn something along the way. Such as...CAAMP direction and decisions are set by its membership, which sit on the various boards, both provincially and nationally.

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