Thousands of brokers embrace new Expert app

Thousands of brokers embrace new Expert app

It may be a sign of where technology is taking mortgage brokering, with thousands of industry players jumping on Expert’s new mobile app – designed to give them smartphone access to client applications already in the pipeline.

“We have just under 5,000 Expert users rolled out with Expert Mobile and the response,” Jerry Lo, D+H’s senior director of broker services told “All responses were positive, which tells that (a) we made the right choice going down the mobile road, and (b) there is a market for these types of tools in the broker space.”

The response comes on the heels of last fall’s launch of Expert Mobile – a Blackberry, iPhone and Android compatible technology. It was created to meet the needs of brokers who view staying connected to client files as essential in today's hyper-competitive market, said Lo.

It’s with those tiny screens in mind that Expert Mobile reformatted the Expert interface brokers access on their office computers and laptops. That resizing, among other key features allows brokers to better monitor the progress of applications.

It also helps bring brokers more in line with the technological advances already reshaping the way their counterparts in insurance and financial investment manage client files away and, indeed, at the office.

“I think it goes without saying the hardware providers have done a great job of moving the market from cell phones to smart phones, and now smart phones to super phones,”  said Lo, with D+H/Filogix for a decade. “It will be interesting to see if the same holds true for the PC to tablet market, which seems to be growing as more of our users are asking for these type of hardware-ready solutions."

For now D+H’s emphasis has been on presenting clients with more efficient way to check the status of their mortgage transactions, lender communications and stay connected to their customers.

The technology also includes a “prospect application” that allows mortgage professionals to submit quick customer leads through their smartphones directly to the D+H Expert Mortgage Origination system, said Lo.

  • Jim 2012-02-29 9:08:22 AM
    I have not been able to come across this app for Android devices. Although the App may be helpful, what D+H really need to spend time on is making the actual Expert Application Input compatible with Mobile/Tablet browsers. Tablets represent an excellent tool for brokers to cut down or even eliminate the need for paper with the ability to digitally sign documents. However, it doesn't really matter if you still need to drag along your PC or paper to actually take the application. If anyone has had any more luck than me using Expert on a mobile browser, please post.
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  • Pat Pelletier 2012-03-01 3:18:27 AM
    Did I miss a memo somewhere? I can't find this app at the App store? Where is it?
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  • Tom 2014-04-27 9:26:27 AM
    ... and here we are, two years after the publication of this article, and STILL no fully-functional D+H app for tablets. :(
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