RMG ad promotes brokers

RMG ad promotes brokers

RMG ad promotes brokers

RMG Mortgages is another lender stepping to the plate to help promote brokers, placing an ad hawking the benefits of their expert advice in a leading newspaper.

“We’re trying to help,” Bruno Valko, national sales director of RMG, said of his company’s recent ad in the Globe and Mail. “It helps to share the message with consumers.”

The initiative comes on the heels of another lender’s announcement it had launched an advertising campaign touting the benefits of independent broker advice.

That MonCana campaign involves the deployment of those advertisements on digital screens in the elevators of office buildings in major Canadian centres as well as the Calgary international airport and is expected to attract the eyes of no less than 2.7 million viewers.

The publicity boost was largely welcomed by the broker channel as it gathered in Vancouver this week for the CAAMP conference. Many are grappling with the impact of a slowing housing market and the stricter lending regulations recently imposed by the government in an attempt to head off a debt crisis.

“This is a great commitment on the part of lenders,” said Shaun Serafini, a broker with Dominion Lending Centres in Lethbridge, Alberta. “I hope that the broker community repays this investment in spades with increased mortgage business.”

Others saw the development as an opportunity to examine the viability of “collective” mono-line campaign for the channel.

“A straightforward non-branded awareness campaign by mono-line would resonate better with consumers rather than one specifically tied to a single company,” said Michelle Mohr, a broker with Invis, in Price George, B.C.