Regulator weighs in on ethical online issue

Regulator weighs in on ethical online issue

Even if you are not a CAAMP member, it’s more and more likely that you’ll be subjected to the same rules governing the Internet protocol of its members.

Coming on the heels of CAAMP’s reiteration of its own ethical SEO rules, the Real Estate Council of Alberta is now cautioning its members that it will uphold similar guidelines on online advertising and the use of a competing broker’s information.

“RECA shares a similar perspective to that of CAAMP,” reads the latest blog on the RECA website. “Any attempt to garner more hits to your website by being intentionally deceptive or misleading about the content of the website could be a breach of legislation and the rules.”

Intentional and deceiving meta data usage, according to RECA, could be a breach of section 41 of the province’s Real Estate Act Rules, which dictate that industry members act honestly, and section 42, which prohibits industry members for representing themselves or acting in a manner that is likely to or intentionally meant to mislead or deceive any person.

According to the council, it had a number of misleading advertising conduct review files on this same issue.

“Misleading consumers with deceptive meta data not only harms relationships between industry professionals, but can also harm the reputation of the industry as a whole,” RECA said.