Referral program reaches milestone 50,000th transaction

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The broker-built Unitas Insurance referral program has recently reached its milestone 50,000th referral and its 5th anniversary, with participants attributing the system’s success to its intuitiveness and ease of use.
In its May 24 news release, Unitas Insurance announced that the program—which serves mortgage brokers in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia—has surpassed all expectations since its launch back in 2011.
Brokers have gravitated to the program due to its simplicity, in particular.
“Unitas contacts clients on their behalf and then pays them a referral fee. Simply put, brokers do not have to do anything but sell mortgages to earn insurance referral fees. It’s an easy process because Unitas is connected directly to the brokers’ origination system. This industry-leading integration into each broker’s business model allows them to focus on their core mortgage business,” the Unitas Insurance press release stated.
The system was also designed to accommodate the needs of borrowers, which are almost always required to hold home insurance as a loan condition.
“We created Unitas to work closely with mortgage brokers to help their clients fulfill this condition easily with a simple process that provides highly competitive quotes for their home and auto insurance needs,” Unitas president Rod Elliot said in the release.
The program has garnered high praise from analysts and observers.
“Unitas provides a seamless and integrated way for our mortgage brokers to offer insurance, with the confidence of a trusted partner that works exclusively on their behalf,” Invis-Mortgage Intelligence CEO Cameron Strong said. “It’s a fantastic win-win for brokers and clients.”

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