'Rate-less' website pays off

'Rate-less' website pays off

A year after he decided to remove rate charts from his website in favour of “more quality content," a Vancouver broker is billing his increased traffic as proof of a winning strategy.

“Since dropping rate charts last November, traffic to my site has shot up by as much as 86 per cent,” said Scott Dawson, mortgage broker with Verico Paragon Pacific Mortgages. “This goes to show that rates are important but people are also looking for original and valuable content.”

With the growing popularity with borrowers of online rate sites, many brokers moved quickly to highlight mortgage rate updates on their sites and rely on rate-focused online referral.

Back in 2011, Dawson told MortgageBrokerNews.ca that he was prepared to lose some leads with his move but anticipated getting “quality leads” instead.

“I don’t typically have people calling me about rates anyway,” he said. “I generally receive calls from people seeking mortgage advice, they are not rate shoppers but rather people who have been referred to me and are more or less prepared to work with me.”

Dawson enhanced his website with relevant blog posts and videos that focused on educating borrowers and providing them with up-to-date information on market developments and industry regulations.

“It all boils down to providing content that’s relevant to your viewers and engaging,” he said. “I think I made the right decision and will keep on improving my site content.”

  • @kiltedbroker 2012-11-17 4:46:03 AM
    Scott Dawson is the real deal - quality content creation drives quality clients - I applaud your move to remove rates from your site! Love it!
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  • Christopher 2012-11-17 4:54:14 AM
    I've got well over 100 pages on mine, as well as many interactive ones. Rates are just one page of many, and traffic has always been good.
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  • Michael Lloyd 2012-11-17 5:08:00 AM
    Way to go Scott! I haven't had rates on mine for 8 years...never had anyone complain. Why do so many keep them? It just reduces our over all value to the client.
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