Radius launches broker loyalty program

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A rising lender in the channel has launched a loyalty program for brokers, tying new minimum volume requirements to a slew of value-adds for its best partners.
“The Radius Affinity loyalty program empowers our loyal broker partners to achieve more personally and professionally,” says Suzanna Stefanec, the vice president of National Sales and Products for Radius Financial. “Radius Affinity recognizes loyal brokers for their support by awarding them with greater rewards and enhanced Discount and Reward Points to allow them to be more competitive.”
“We have never had a loyalty program previously and our new Affinity loyalty program does have minimum volume requirements at each status level for a broker to receive benefits,” Stefanec told MortgageBrokerNews.ca.
Radius Affinity is built on the existing Radius Points program, but offers enhanced rewards and services for brokers that meet minimum threshold levels to qualify for Radius Affinity Gold and Radius Affinity Platinum. Radius Affinity offers enriched service levels such as dedicated underwriting and priority service.
The promise of preferred rates is also a carrot that is dangled for brokers who choose to participate in the program.
“One of the many status benefits is converting reward points to discount points, as well as an additional 25,000 in bonus discount points for platinum status for every $10MM funded, all of which empowers our brokers to provide preferred rates if required,” says Stefanec.
Brokers can use the Radius Reward Points as travel vouchers or on pre-loaded visa cards for clients, referral sources and personal use. Radius Discount Points can be used to offer cash back and buy down interest rates. The program is available to Radius approved mortgage brokers across Canada when they meet minimum funded requirements.
“We understand the importance of a true partnership. When our business grows as a result of loyal brokers, we want to share our success with them,” says Stefanec. “The Radius Affinity loyalty Program gives Brokers a competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace and gives them flexibility in how they want to run their business."
  • Joe Sammut on 2013-04-03 9:21:14 AM

    It may sound like I'm waiving the flag but just wanted to write to say Radius is a great supporter of our industry and they have proven to be one of my top three lender partners. great work guys

  • Ottawa Agent on 2013-04-03 12:55:38 PM

    How can they be a big supporter of our industry when an office in Ottawa with 16 agents has never even been contacted by the lender? We have left messages on their corporate voicemail and never heard from them. I have read about them, but don't see them as a major player in the market. Or are they like other lendeers that feel Ottawa isn't a market worthy of a physical BDM. Ask MCAP, First National, Merix or Scotia and I am sure they would agree taht Ottawa is a very strong broker market. CMLS is getting their fair share already because there is a physical BDM available that has been to broker offices and is earning the business. Never seen, nor heard from anyone with Radius. Our office does over $300,000,000 annually, so it isn't like we aren't worthy of at least a phone call. Oh well, lots of other lenders to choose from.

  • Lynn an Alberta Agent on 2013-04-04 5:34:42 AM

    Radius Financial has been a great lender to work with. Underwriters use common sense and have worked with me on many tight timelines with great results. Radius is my favourite lender to work with! The Affinity Program is icing on the cake!

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