Radius Financial launches broker points program

Radius Financial launches broker points program


Radius Financial has launched a points program, offering brokers two types of incentives.

The Radius Financial Points Program offers Radius Reward Points, which can be used to purchase merchandise and travel for brokers, their clients or referral sources and Radius Discount Points, which can be used by mortgage brokers to offer clients cash back and to buy down interest rates. Both points programs are available to mortgage brokers across Canada who are registered with Radius as of May 1, 2012.

“The Radius Financial Points Program gives Broker a competitive advantage in an ever changing marketplace,” said Suzanna Stefanec, VP of national sales & products for Radius Financial. “Our program gives brokers the ability to earn points and rewards or pass along valuable discounts, this is a true value-add."

According to Stefanec, brokers will have online access and be able to manage their point accounts 24/7.

 "A points program was the next step in providing valuable tools to our broker partners,” she said.


  • AB Broker 2012-05-11 2:40:39 AM
    Brokers don't need another points program, in my opinion. The points program ate into Firstline's bottomline and look where they are today, it just doesn't make sense to me. Be different, offer something different, don't copy a failed program!
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