Outgoing MBABC president Dreyer looks back, looks ahead

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When Dreyer took the reins as president of the MBABC back in May of 2012, he told MortgageBrokerNews.ca that “it is imperative that our board work with these regulators and lenders to ensure the proposed policies create a strong economic environment for Canada while continuing to make home ownership accessible to all Canadians.”
Now as the outgoing president, Dreyer shares his thoughts on his work as head of the association, and what challenges face B.C. brokers.
MBN: What are you proudest of as president of the MBABC?
Dreyer: I would say I am most proud of the re-commitment of the BC brokers, Lenders and Board to MBABC and its purpose of being the advocate of mortgage brokers in our province. This has enabled us to have a stronger and clearer voice in BC as well to forge sturdy relationships with our provincial and national counterparts for the betterment of our industry in BC and across the country.
There is no doubt this has been a challenging time. I am deeply proud how hard the MBABC Board has worked this past year on the membership’s behalf to manage through the Mortgage Broker Act regulations review, BC Securities commission discussions, government rule changes and the exploration of becoming a self-regulated industry in BC. These are BIG issues and I could not be more grateful or proud for the support of the membership, diligence of the Board and co-operative nature of all associations and lenders across Canada.
MBN: How has the MBABC evolved during your tenure as president?
Dreyer: The MBABC has evolved from an association that was more recently focused on social events back to one that is working hard as a broker advocate. Working hard in the broker’s best interests by exploring legal and regulatory issues affecting mortgage brokers and putting together some of the best position papers for our government representatives to take action on.
We opened up a dialogue with industry members to talk to them about important industry issues, such as self-regulation, the regulation of MICs and syndicators and many other issues.  We opened up our phone lines and email to members – we fully engaged with our industry members, in town hall meetings and with surveys and continue to discuss important industry issues with them. As we speak, the association is putting together position papers on numerous other legislative and regulatory issues which have been brought to our attention by our members. 
Our CEO, Samantha Gale is an experienced real estate lawyer and former mortgage broker regulator giving us substantial practical knowledge and support to our members.  The association continues to provide benefits to members – most notably commencing May 1, we shall be providing our members with legal representation to defend themselves should they be investigated or subject to regulatory proceedings by FICOM, or subject to a CRA audit – this is an incredible benefit which we now provide with membership.  We continue to finds ways in which the association can support the membership.
MBN: What role do you see the MBABC performing in the future?  
Dreyer: The MBABC is the voice of the BC mortgage broker. Through transparency, open communication and involvement that voice keeps getting stronger and stronger.    
MBN: Any unfinished business? In an ideal world, what would you (by extension, the MBABC) have accomplished? 
Dreyer: There is never any unfinished business. The association’s business is ongoing and continuous.  We continue to keep advocating on behalf of our members, building a stronger association and providing members with innovative programs, sound representation and measurable value. 
MBN: What are your future plans?
Dreyer: My future plans are to continue to grow Verico Dreyer Group Mortgages business and support our team. I too will move into a past MBABC President role for a year to assist the incoming MBABC President and Board. I will also be serving on the CAAMP Board as the MBABC representative.
MBN: Where do you see brokering in B.C. headed?
Dreyer: I see brokering in BC continuing to do well. Doing well however does require a strong commitment to working hard, working full time and getting back to basics. Successful brokers take exceptional care of clients, referral partners and lending partners. It too is critical brokers continue to reinvest in themselves through training, technology and being active in this incredible industry through local and national associations. 
  • Len Lane on 2013-06-14 9:48:31 AM

    Glad to see this comment "more recently focused on social events back to one that is working hard as a broker advocate." Hopefully all provincial organizations will follow your example.

  • Richard Hendricks on 2013-06-14 1:43:36 PM

    This is good to hear, but maybe need to focus more on growing market share for broker channel overall.

  • Brian Peterson on 2013-06-14 11:45:08 PM

    You've done a great job Jared. The MBABC has definitely stood up for the industry under your leadership. A strong provincial association is the best voice for the upcoming legislative changes and you've definitely shown the way.

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