O'Leary exec on angry brokers: 'I love it'

O'Leary exec on angry brokers: 'I love it'


Gary Mauris and others characterizing Kevin O’Leary as a direct challenge to the channel may have it right after all, with the president of O’Leary Ventures rejoicing in the “ruffled” feathers of “competitors” – i.e., brokers.

“I love it,” tweeted Alex Kenjeev, late Thursday night, “@OLearyMortgages *already* ruffling our competitors' feathers!”

The social media post also features a link to a blog outlining broker objections to O’Leary’s now-scuttled keynote address at next week’s CAAMP Forum.

Kenjeev’s tweet is already being interpreted as a taunt to brokers angered by the Dragon’s plans to launch a mortgage originations business, focused on a direct-to-consumer campaign, effectively bypassing mortgage professionals.

CAAMP is citing a lack of disclosure of those plans as the reason O’Leary withdrew from the speaking engagement – a move that actually came on the heels of a torrent of angry broker comments on MortgageBrokerNews.ca

Subsequently, some channel members have argued that the reaction has unnecessarily alienated the celebrity venture capitalist.

It’s an argument that’s harder to make given this tweet, said one broker Friday. “Obviously, they see us as competitors and we are right to see O’Leary in the same way.”




  • Tyler P 2012-11-24 3:50:34 AM
    Why do we always have to focus on the negative.
    The mortgage industry is gathering in Vancouver this week to celebrate its successes. How about a story on that!
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  • Key Mortgage 2012-11-24 5:16:39 AM
    Perhaps we should stop giving this Competitor free news coverage.Let him create buzz on his own buck.
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  • Christopher 2012-11-24 5:20:17 AM
    It's probably the worst time to enter the mortgage market, which speaks volumes for O'Leary's judgement.
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