​Oceanfront property - is it worth the risk?

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It seems to be an inbuilt part of the human psyche that draws us to the sea; not necessarily in it but certainly within view. Many will cite an oceanfront property as being their ideal, but is the reality as good as the fantasy? As the climate changes and adds new challenges to coastal regions, buyers are thinking carefully before going ahead with that dream property that could become a nightmare. With sea levels rising and the coast generally first in line during weather-related incidents, there is much to consider. Although flood insurance is generally available for most coastal properties premiums will of course rise if there are claims or increased risk and the insurance does may well fall short of the actual cost of damage. Then there’s the affect on resale value and interest if the property or its surroundings are seen as a major flood risk. As well as flooding there is also concern about landslides caused by eroded coastlines. While we may all still love the idea of oceanfront living, nature may continue to make that choice harder than ever.
  • Angela Wong-Liao - Invis Inc on 2014-09-02 5:33:38 PM

    I came from Hong Kong and in Hong Kong, the very rich love to live on top of the hill, so that they can see the full view of the city.
    I do not believe that living close to the ocean is a good idea, especially when we have so many natural disasters over the past decade.

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