New technolgy added to FNF broker portal

New technolgy added to FNF broker portal

FNF Canada has added new technology to its file management tool for brokers accessing its appraisal and mortgage closing services.

After adding communication tools last month to its Broker Connect portal, FNF announced it has added new technology to this file management tool. Effective immediately brokers now have access to the following:

  • Read/write capabilities – new functionality has been embedded in the portal to allow brokers to communicate, online, directly with the FNF client service team.
  • FNF Contacts – this section of the portal has been expanded to include information on FNF contacts and is now listed by lender and product.
  • Resource Section – brokers now have access to new reference materials including welcome letters, funding calendar and FAQs. As new material and resources become available it will be housed in this section of portal.

“These changes were made in response to feedback received from our Broker Advisory Group,” said Lori Smith, director, business development – Broker Services. “This is another example of our commitment to becoming a strategic partner to the Broker community and further enhances Broker’s Choice.”

The Broker Connect portal is a web-based technology application that offers brokers the ability to see real-time file status whenever and wherever they wish.

According to the company, reaction from brokers using the Broker Connect portal has been positive.

  • ER 2012-03-15 6:12:37 AM
    It is a sad state of affairs that every lawyer I speak to who has to deal with FNF on any level describes it as a nightmare and charges their clients extra if FNF is part of the equation.
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