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Centum is helping push the industry toward a more holistic customer service approach, with program focused on helping brokers grow their value proposition.

“The SmartEquity Program is a great tool for anyone who has a mortgage and is interested in reducing the amount of interest they pay in a lifetime,” says Don Lawby, president of CENTUM Financial Group. “It helps clients save potentially tens of thousands in unnecessary interest payments.”

While the SmartEquity program is focused on helping Centum clients do just that, it also provides its agents with an opportunity to expand their utility to those consumers.

Through both online software and personal consultation, the program creates individualized scenarios based on personal financial parameters with built-in flexibility and variability.

Through the service, CENTUM clients would be assigned a Certified SmartEquity Coach to help plan out monthly payments and track their progress. With the help of their coach and the online software, clients are then able to develop a customized blueprint on becoming mortgage free in half the time.

Industry veterans are asking brokers to take a closer looking at how they can better help clients meet their long-term financial objectives, using inflation hedge and other strategies that keep the broker top of mind.

It “helps to recast the mortgage professional in the mould of a financial advisor, extending that role beyond renewal time and refinances,” Greg Williamson, a Calgary broker and industry coach told, earlier this year. “It also helps clients prepare for the inevitable rate hike so that when they come up for renewal in five years, they’re not going to get slammed.”

Williamson’s own Inflation Hedge Strategy effectively uses a software program to set out regular prepayment plan for clients, specifically tailored to the ebbs and flows of rates in the marketplace. It then falls to the broker to execute that automated plan, sending out emails to clients as rates increase and advising them to adjust their prepayment amounts to keep pace with the rise. The strategy removes the possibility of a rate shock sometime in the future, but it also presents brokers with a real opportunity to distance themselves from the banks by providing the kind of active stewardship mortgage specialists promise, but may fail to deliver.

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