Mortgage Revolution teams up with AMBA

Mortgage Revolution teams up with AMBA

Mortgage Revolution teams up with AMBA

The Mortgage Revolution has just won a more-mainstream platform, with the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association co-hosting twin events in Calgary and Edmonton – each meant to promote professionalism in cut-throat times.

“It is about coming together as an industry and putting our collective thinking caps on,” said Axiom Mortgage head Mike Cameron, who started the grassroots movement early last year. “The Mortgage Revolution and AMBA have joined forces to raise awareness of the problems we face and help provide solutions.”

The problems, according to Cameron and a growing number of brokers, are many, from lapses in ethics and integrity to under-regulation and an outright dearth of mortgage knowledge. In a troubling number of cases, it’s a broker unfairly targeting a competitor’s clients and, by hook or by crook, taking them.

A Calgary event, to be mirrored by one in Edmonton, will kick off the revolutionary discussion on March 27. Cameron then heads north to the provincial capital for its own event the next day.

“We have new challenges to tackle and new opportunities to take advantage of,” he said. “By working together we can achieve more.”

The events will offer more than criticism, more specifically, guidance on packaging deals and digital documentation requirements, even as it introduces AMBA’s mentorship and leadership courses.

The event is, in fact, meant to act as a springboard for Alberta brokers looking to access the association’s ongoing professional development courses.

The need for that kind of extra training has formed a central plank for past Mortgage Revolution meetings across Alberta. There’s good reason for that emphasis, said Cameron.

“We ‘the good guys’ need to band together and say ‘there’s no room for unethical behaviour in our industry,’” Cameron told MortgageBrokerNews last year.

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