MBABC and CAAMP chart new course

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MBABC and CAAMP are billing a joint membership program bundling their respective dues as both a time and cost savings for the 70 per cent of B.C. members they share.

“We share with CAAMP a significant number of joint members, and the joint membership billing initiative improves satisfaction, efficiency and value for members of both associations,” Tamera Olsen, executive director of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia, told “While uniquely different, the associations are unified in our values, including the AMP designation.

"This initiative simplifies the annual dues invoicing for all member compliant companies with joint members, and enables them to pay just once for membership.”

That one-stop payment method also nets those joint members a $50 discount on their dual annual dues.

While the membership discount applies only to those who are members of both associations, there is no requirement that brokers must now be members of both.

The program draws the provincial player closer to its national counterpart in other ways.

“The partnership also includes MBABC endorsing and promoting the AMP designation to its members in addition to having a board representative from each association presiding on the board of the other for a one year term,” reads a statement put out Monday under the names of both associations. 

The announcement is the first of its kind for a Canadian industry where many brokers maintain membership in just one association, arguing whether provincial or national, each effectively performs the same functions around networking, professional development and advocacy.

Neither AMBA nor IMBA have signed agreements moving them closer to CAAMP.

“We haven’t had any discussion,” Joe Rosati, IMBA’s executive director, told “If we were to, it would have to go beyond bundled pricing to clearly defined objectives on what our distinct roles are, to collectively better serve the industry.”

Olsen is suggesting that kind of division of labour already exists between CAAMP and her MBABC.

“The MBABC operates at the local or provincial level and relies on CAAMP’s national presence for issues crossing our country,” she said. “We work collectively to cover the issues regionally and nationally so that mortgage brokers are represented with their local ministry as well as in Ottawa.

“MBABC and CAAMP recognize the need for provincial and national representation. Our educational offerings complement each other.”


  • Just my opinion.... on 2011-12-14 7:35:48 AM

    Charting a new course….right onto the shoals.

    Making a commitment to the AMP? Do you not read what is being communicated to CAAMP? Do you not see CAAMP’s membership plummeting downward? Do you not see the less than intelligent moves by the CAAMP Board &/or staff dealing with dues collection? Do you not see the double standard of membership? How many members are still on their roster that have not paid their most recent year’s dues?
    It’s your “house” & I am an outsider, so it is not for me to interfere, but I have to ask….With the greatest of respect to our BC Colleagues, what the hell are you smoking???
    We could see this coming 3 or 4 years ago when CAAMP/AMP representation on the BC Board was stacked in favour of CAAMP. A great provincial organization was poisoned from within.
    The same attempt was tried with IMBA in Ontario, until it was found by survey that the vast majority of IMBA members did not belong, or did not want to belong, to CAAMP, and that a law suit, by the members against the members of the Board, for not acting in the best interests of the majority of the membership was a viable option.
    We need strong regional/provincial MORTGAGE BROKER’S associations, (not the Banker’s Association Part Deux ) with a national council elected from those same associations, to represent us at the national level.
    So my challenge goes out to the Provincial associations in Alberta, Ontario & Quebec & the new regional association in the Maritimes. Are you in this for the long run? Are you willing to make Mortgage Brokering a profession of its own, on its own? Or are we damned to be indentured servants of people from other lines of work, like bankers & insurers & their CAAMP errand boys?

  • Brian on 2011-12-16 7:51:36 AM

    The only correct statement in the above comment is that we do need strong provincial associations and a strong national association. The CAAMP mambership is 80% mortgage brokers and they elect the directors. If the membership feel their interests arent represented they should talk to the CAAMP directors. The practical solution is for the President and Vice President of the Provincial Associations to be the directors for CAAMP for their respective regions.
    MBABC is a leader in promoting professionalism in the industry. MBABC supported mandatory relicensing requirements, led the charge on NI31-103 and has commented on changes proposed to the anti-money laundering and proceeds of crime regulations.
    MBABC's relationship with CAAMP is positive and driven by what is best for its members.

  • BAD Move MBABC on 2011-12-17 7:00:22 AM

    CAAMP is without direction and continues to experience signifigant challenges with their membership. More and more brokers are seeing less value in the association, and the AMP is worse than a joke with only 3800 across Canada and many saying that they will not renew. They pushed you to get into bed with them to try to salavage their horrible relationship and reputation in BC and you bought into it. The truth is that CAAMP is a sinking boat with inept leadership that for all intense purposes cannot read the writing on the wall. They refuse to change and continue to try to ram rod their agenda down the throats of the industry and their members, an agenda that some of their own membership do not support. MBABC - this could be the death of you.

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