Man’s best friend is also a broker’s

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A dog is man’s best friend, but for one Newfoundland broker, his black lab was so much more. He was part of the business.
“Shadow was my best marketing tool for six years,” says Ian Murray, co-owner of The Mortgage Centre – Advantage Financial Services in St. John’s, Nfld. “We don’t do house calls, so the clients come to our office. And Shadow was a great way to break the ice with new clients.”
Shadow was a constant fixture at the Lemarchant Road office for six years, before developing a painful degenerative nerve disease in his hind legs. Unable to see him suffer any longer, Murray made the difficult decision to put him down  a few months ago.
“We’ll eventually get another dog, but it has to be the right dog,” says Murray. “Every day we miss Shadow. And it will be a rescue dog – we always go for rescue dogs. And it has to be able to interact with people. Shadow was amazing around people.”
Murray laughs when he remembers how past clients would pay a visit to the office, and walk right by him to bring treats for Shadow.
“They weren’t coming to see me,” he smiles. “They were coming to see him.”
Murray’s office “is not your typical steel and glass office,” he points out, but an older remodeled home – complete with home-like furnishings and a fireplace.
“We’ve had so many people tell us, ‘This is just like a home,’ especially after they see Shadow sleeping on his bed beside my desk,” says a wistful Murrayy. “Yes, we’ll get another dog, but I don’t know when; we’ll know it when we know it.”


  • Ron Butler on 2013-07-12 8:35:57 AM

    In a forum where we mainly spend our time screaming about rate discounting, exclusivity agreements and cursing associations; its nice to read an article about a wonderful dog who made clients and brokers feel good every day.

    Maybe we should all move to the Maritimes, less income, more happiness.

  • Jake on 2013-07-12 9:11:15 AM

    ...and lower cost of living to boot so the lower income won't mean much. However with the rate buydowns you do on a regular basis your income is lower anyways, isn't it Ron.

    (sorry, I had to)

  • Ron Butler on 2013-07-12 9:20:00 AM

    Actually "Jake" you did not have to. I was just making a nice comment on a nice story and a troll hiding behind "Jake" has to say something stupid. All of you web cowards are the same.

  • Ken Lankin on 2013-07-12 9:42:00 AM

    Good luck Ian on the hunt for your new K9. Great story but a tough loss when our four legged friends leave us. Just happened here !

    Ronny boy - Jake is right, you wouldn't make it down east with those discounts :-0)

    enjoy your weekend folks !!

  • Ron Butler on 2013-07-12 9:48:22 AM

    Kenny, don't keep egging me on. I will put up that 5 - year discount rate billboard in the Falls I have promising to do. ;-)


  • c.s.d. on 2013-07-12 9:58:31 AM

    Ron....I have been thinking exactly that, for some time! This is just one small example of the grounded, down to earth people that seem to fill all those atlantic provinces. As to the "warm and fuzzy" article, yes indeed. a good reminder of the fact that life isnt just interest rates and unstable markets!

  • Roslyn BG on 2013-07-13 8:24:24 AM

    And to return to the point of the article-Ian sorry on your loss. Thanks for sharing your experience. For 14 years my canine rescue 'pup' Dozer ( not the sleepy kind) has helped in creating a strong connection between my clients, lenders, suppliers and me. In Toronto!!!

  • Increasingly Informed on 2013-07-15 5:59:32 AM

    I for one, appreciate the rates that Butler Mortgages offers. Ontario is a very competitive market : Advent - AMS, True North Mortgages, T.C.U. *, Comtech C. U. and Butler Mortgages all keep things interesting. Ontario represents a lot of wealth, highly educated demographics and many consumers that see through the semantics of "value added" or "service". Get me a very competitive rate with industry average min. of 20/20 on the pre-payments - that what many of us want !

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