MAC's trifecta of brand building

MAC's trifecta of brand building


Over the spring and summer months Canadians will be hearing a lot of Mortgage Alliance on the radio. And the company wouldn't have it any other way.

“The marketing punch created is phenomenal,” says Louie Bettio, Mortgage Alliance’s Brand Champion. “Radio has worked extremely well for us in both building awareness and leadership positioning of the MAC brand and our radio station partners in return, support our philanthropic cause with free air time.”

In addition to a radio brand campaign that started in March, and according to the company will be heard by 50 per cent of the Canadian population ages 25-54 by June, public service announcements for the MAC’s fourth annual cross-Canada motorcycle charity event – Rally of Hope – will run from late May through mid-July. The brokerage is also being plugged in Sears Financial radio spots promoting “mortgages arranged by Mortgage Alliance.”

“We receive close to $500,000 in PSA support,” said Bettio. “And that creates a significant and meaningful difference to our brand building, to Mortgage Alliance professionals and to the charity.”

Bettio also feels that corporate social responsibility can have an effect on consumer behaviour in what he calls “a high-involvement category like mortgage and refinance purchases.”

“When consumers connect the rational dots with the social consciousness of the company, it’s inspires and delivers a compelling reason to create a relationship,” he says.