MAC team in top 10 of cancer walkathon

MAC team in top 10 of cancer walkathon

The Mortgage Alliance MAC Rally of Hope team raised nearly $200,000 making it the 6th largest fundraiser in the recently concluded annual Weekend to End All Women’s Cancer walkathon in Toronto.

The two day marathon walking event held over the weekend saw the 70-member MAC team walk more than 60 kilometres to through the city in what is considered to be one of Canada’s biggest charity events.

The MAC Rally for Hope team walkers were led by Michael Beckette, CEO of Mortgage Alliance, and team captain Melissa Rizzi, vice president and director of operation for the company.

“Our goal was to be one of the top 10 fundraising teams,” said Beckette. “Coming in 6th overall and challenging some of Canada’s largest and most respected corporations are a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Mortgage Alliance family.”

Apart from the walkathon, the MAC Rally of Hope team also participates in the annual coast-to-coast motorcycle rally for the Weekend to End All Women’s Cancer.


  • John Dearin RPA,. AMP. 2012-09-12 9:30:49 PM
    Wow, not a comment from anyone on a good news story. Guess most are too busy wining and griping and crapping on everything else on other threads.

    Congrats MAC on a great charity and amazing donations.
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