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Xceed has extended its bonus offer of an extra 25 bps for brokers until the end of June despite criticism from brokers that it is unsustainable.

“Friends of Xceed” receive 115 basis points for each three-year deal and 135 bps for a five. The offer, which started in December, coincided with the company’s return to the broker channel in September 2011 and was originally intended to end on February 29. The company tweeted yesterday that it was being extended until June 2012.

President and CEO Michael Jones said the decision to extend it was based on the positive reactions from brokers and the business they were sending the company.

“The quality of the business we have been getting through the front door has pleasantly surprised us,” he said. “We’re happy to be establishing new relationships with brokers.”

He answered some brokers who charge the offer is unsustainable.

“There’s nothing gimmicky about paying more money to brokers who bring us good business,” he said. “It’s not sustainable forever, but it’s a good way for brokers who perhaps haven’t worked with us before to get to know us.”

In December brokers described the offer as “an unsustainable model” and “hurting our other lenders” in an online discussion on MortgageBrokerNews.ca.

In September, MortgageBrokerNews.ca broke the news that the company, having settled an outstanding legal dispute with funding partner HSBC, had come back to the broker channel. The return ended a hiatus begun in January 2011 and taking many of its broker partners by surprise.

Xceed returned to the conventional mortgage game in January this year, offering broker clients prime rates with a maximum loan-to-value of 75 per cent.

  • Ron Butler on 2012-03-07 3:45:00 AM

    If a lender is offering clearly competitive rates then I welcome higher commissions; however I think there is always an ethical danger in offering substantially higher commissions to deliver customers at higher than competitive rates. It reflects badly on our business and attracts unwanted regulatory responses.

  • Right On Ron on 2012-03-07 4:45:12 AM

    I absolutely agree with you on this. Who the the broker really working? The best interest of client or their pay cheque.

  • Victor Matos on 2012-03-07 4:49:55 AM

    The practice of some Lenders enticing some Brokers with higher bps commission, can really hurt those Brokers reputation as they will be known for favoring receipts of higher commissions for themselves, rather than servicing their clients with competitive interest rates - not acceptable...

  • Jeremy on 2012-03-07 5:38:46 AM

    Xceed is open for business today, but will they be around tomorrow so you can collect that pay cheque? Personally, they could offer 170 bps and I still wouldn't support them. Competitive rates is a concern, obviously, but what is stopping from closing their doors yet again?

  • Jim T....Advent Mortgage on 2012-03-07 12:24:34 PM

    Totally agree with you Ron. Firstline and their ridiculous points and basis points program is totally unethical. How can a broker offer a client a rate higher that the floor rate available just so they can bank points for future deals? This practice stinks and and too bad the media didn't didn't catch wind of this. I would have loved to see FLT and the brokers who use them try to explain this to their clients.

  • C.M. on 2012-03-08 5:57:10 PM

    While I do agree that Brokers should not be guided by higher commissions, I think it's important to note that Xceed is offering some unique mortgage options and are stepping up with innovation. They have different mortgage solutions such as the XtraGreen, RESP and Prep mortgage solutions. They are specialized programs and not for all, but I applaud them for bringing something different to the table. I wish more Lenders would focus on creating a niche and differentiating themselves; give Brokers a reason to use them for a reason other than status, higher commissions etc. It's important to remember that our job and ethical responsibility to do what's best for the client, regardless of our compensation and rewards. This is why clients use Brokers and if they learn or believe otherwise, we will do injustice to our industry, lose respect and market share.

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