Independents split on whether to join networks: CMP poll

Independents split on whether to join networks: CMP poll

Will independent brokers begin joining national networks en masse in the coming year? You might be surprised by the answer.

This is just one of the topics being covered by CMP’s annual Broker Sentiment Poll. With just three weeks left to complete the survey, brokers are already making some important statements with the poll.

Asked, “If an independent, would you consider joining a national network or brokerage in the next 12 months?” the response so far has been split fairly evenly, with 54 per cent of independent brokers saying they wouldn’t make the jump to a brokerage network.

Agree? Disagree? Add your voice to the debate by taking a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking here now.

The final results of the survey will be published in the July issue of CMP and you can see exactly what your colleagues in the industry are thinking and doing.

Sharing your views on broker business issues also comes with a thank you from CMP. You will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a BlackBerry Playbook just by completing the survey today.

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