Immigrants are good for the economy and the housing market

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There has been a lot of focus on the levels of foreign investment in our real estate market and although it’s not always said directly, there is often an undertone of suspicion and negativity around these discussions. Tina Mak is the President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (Vancouver) and says that immigration is positive and reflects the ‘promise of Canada’. Tina came to Canada 26 years ago and became a citizen in 1993; she owns multiple properties and is an employer. She is also passionate about Canada and says that the fact that people from, for example China, want to come here is because it is seen as a safe haven, a solid investment. Mak argues that this should be seen as a positive thing. She highlights the large amounts of investment that is brought into the country, not just in our real estate, and maintains that we should welcome this and be proud that people want to make Canada their home.

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  • Angela Wong-Liao - Invis Inc on 2014-08-27 8:39:34 AM

    Immigrants is good to Canada because Canada is one of the most diversified country in the world, especially Toronto and Vancouver. Vancouver is becoming one of the major benefactor of Asian investments because of its proximity to Asia. China has prospered over the past 20 years and Chinese like to invest in Canada because we have very solid banking system, stable government and many resources and potentials for international trade. I agree with Mak that foreign investments is good for Canada.

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