Housings starts fall ... with condo demand

Housings starts fall ... with condo demand

Housings starts fall ... with condo demand

It's another sign that times are changing for mortgage brokers, with Canada’s condo boom finally starting to slow as housing starts fall in line with demand.

"As expected,” said Mathieu Laberge, deputy chief economist at CMHC, “the number of multiples starts in Ontario, particularly in Toronto, reverted back to a level more in line with the average pace of activity over the last six months."

More specifically, the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing starts for September was 220,215 units, more than 5,000 down from the previous month. Still the activity was more than most economists had projected, with expecatations housing starts would come in just above 207,000 for September.

The slowdown is directly tied to a slowing residential construction centre and the more restrained condo construction starts many Toronto observers have been hoping for.

"Following a period of elevated housing starts activity due to strong volumes of multi-family unit pre-sales in 2010 and 2011, the pace of housing starts is expected to moderate," Laberge said.

Still, that isn’t to say Toronto developers aren’t moving ahead with construction on more than 200,000 units over the next 16 months.

That could further challenge demand for condo housing if prices tumble with an increase in inventory. Brokers would likely see demand for their services further slow, although demand for existing detached homes is expected to continue to drive originations.

  • Paolo Di Petta | dipettamortgage.com 2012-10-11 3:36:43 AM
    I've been explaining various reasons why the market is likely to continue heading this way for months now. This isn't news to anyone that's been looking at the stats and facts. That being said, I'm glad more people are starting to bring this to light.
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