FSCO dispute resolutions increasing to 750 monthly

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A victim of its own success, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario has increased the monthly assignment of arbitration files to ADR Chambers from 500 to 750 per month, and is actively looking for a new contract with a dispute resolution company.

FSCO had earlier contracted ADRC to eliminate a backlog of mediation files and to assist with the high volumes of arbitration files back in the fall of 2013. FSCO and ADRC were able to clear a backlog of 30,000 mediation files, several years ahead of projects.

“We correctly anticipated that, as the mediation backlog was cleared, an increased demand would develop in arbitration,” says Kristen Rose, a spokesperson for FSCO. “FSCO is increasing the arbitration monthly file assignments to ADR Chambers due to the high volume of files.”

As a result, FSCO will be increasing the monthly assignment of arbitration files to ADR from 500 to 750 files per month, beginning this month.

FSCO will be conducting another procurement for arbitration services so that we can continue to handle the high volume of arbitration files already in the system (currently over 15,000) and those that continue to be received. (continued.)

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  • John Hamilton on 2014-01-10 9:54:31 AM

    Waiting for bi-annual costs to rise then :)

  • Elfie Hayes on 2014-01-10 7:47:13 PM

    Good one John!
    Like the Bi-century Ice storm 3 weeks ago that has Ontario hydro hinting at rate hikes!

    Too bad we don't get a chance to raise our comp when we see high volumes!

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