Friday’s funniest comments of the week

Friday’s funniest comments of the week

Friday’s funniest comments of the week

Where some of you found the time we can’t say, but you burned up our comment line this week with some of the funniest, driest witticisms in months.

Here a sampling of this week’s reader repartee, the kind of stuff that makes minding the comment board the most gratifying part of our daily grind:

There’s nothing like a good road rep story to raise broker hackles.'s story about road reps borrowing the broker name was met with deluge of responses, each funnier than the next:

Calling a Bank Employee/Mortgage "Specialist" a Mortgage Broker is like calling a Pet Vet a Medical Doctor, wrote Murray Savage

Jon W. believes in making lemonade when you’re handed lemons:

This is all about marketing, to mislead the client. If we include all this (road rep) business in our stats of market share for brokers we could advertise Mortgage Brokers do 60% (of all mortgages in Canada). That would take some thunder away from the banks. Wouldn't they love to see us do a National campaign advertising that? That would be payback!

And one broker boils it all down this way:

If you are a bank employee calling yourself a mortgage broker you are a) a liar b) misrepresenting your qualifications to the consuming public c) CAAMP should be all over this like a" fat kid on a Smartie"…
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Early in the week CAAMP set out its ground rules for members regarding the proper use keyword insertion in Internet advertisements  and almost instantly found the tables turned as brokers raised questions about CAAMP’s own search engine optimization strategy.

(It’s) like a bunch of lepers judging a beauty contest. – commented haha

The next day, CAAMP provided an explanation as to why its use of the term “Seneca” in its SEO was, indeed, ethical.

Brokers weren’t entirely convinced:

Do you think Seneca agrees that this is ethical? One reader asked.

Another summed it up this way: Cookie Jar, Red Hand, Excuse. The End.