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I’m sure each of our loyal readers are attending The Mortgage Summit today but why don’t you take some time between the action-packed events to answer our newest poll question on big banks advertising “employee pricing?”

A few brokers have already voiced their opinions but it’s time to take a larger sample size. So click here and let us know if you think employee priced mortgages are mere marketing speak or if such a thing actually exists.

To give you some ideas – not that they will necessarily sway your opinion – check out what a number of brokers are already saying on

“Sure there is such a thing as employee priced mortgages. It doesn't charge its employees any special rate and it doesn't give the public any special rate so it is charging the public the same as it charges its employees. Not a good deal, but not a lie either.”
  • Victor
“Employee mortgages disappeared a long time ago at major banks , rates are better on the open market. Spin doctors doing their thing.”
  • George Christopoulos
“When I worked at RBC "Employee Pricing" was actually higher than "Customer Pricing" so employees would always choose the customer rate sale instead. What kind of message does this convey to the public about how RBC views it's employees?”
  • Paul Hudson

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